2023 Recruitment Director

Meet our Recruitment Director, Joey Massaro!

Joey is a junior from Menlo Park, California majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Global Engineering Studies. On-campus, Brennan plays Saxophone in the Purdue Jazz Bands, conducts Li-ion battery research, and designs 3D-printable lattice structures for Purdue Orbital. A fun fact about Brennan is that he is planning to study abroad in Valencia, Spain and intern with a European company this summer!


In his free time, Brennan loves hanging out with his brothers and friends, following San Francisco Giants Baseball, playing video games, and watching Formula One.


If you or someone you know is interested in rushing a fraternity or joining a STEM-focused community, contact Brennan at recruitment@purduetriangle.org or visit us on our Instagram at @purduetriangle for more information about our Recruitment events!



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