Spring 2021 Scholarship:

The Purdue Triangle Scholar-Leader Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for incoming freshmen & sophomore men enrolled at Purdue in engineering, architecture, and science majors. The ideal candidate demonstrates credible academics, passion for their field, leadership and community involvement.

Awards (estimated $1,500) will be awarded based on merit. Requirements include:

I. A male enrolled in STEM/Architecture major
II. Incoming transfer, freshman or sophomore full time student
III. Evidence of sound academic achievement (>3.0 GPA)
IV. Commitment to community improvement (i.e. philanthropy or extra curricular leadership)

​Deadline for applications is June 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM. Click HERE to apply today!! 

Please direct all questions to 

Fall 2021 Scholarship:

Each year, Purdue Triangle accepts applications, conducts interviews, and selects a winner for its Gold Transit Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship is offered to male, incoming students in the fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology. Applications will be opened in August of 2021. 

The scholarship is awarded based on the individual’s quality of Academic Achievement, Leadership Experience, Extracurricular Involvement, and Career Motivation, not their likelihood to join Triangle Fraternity or any other fraternity at Purdue. Furthermore, recipients of the scholarship are in no way obligated to join Triangle; however, this scholarship is utilized as a method to drive quality recruitment.

Please direct all questions to 

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