Summer Programs 2022

Throughout Summer 2022, Purdue Triangle is hosting some events for incoming freshmen who are majoring in STEM. These events are designed to help new students adjust to campus life and give tips on how to succeed in your first year classes. Please reach out to our External Vice President, Kyle Morin, or our Recruitment Director, Brennan Birn for more details.

Mentorship Program

Come join us for our mentorship program. This program is led by current brothers in the house. In these meetings, we will help you navigate your way into Purdue. Whether it’s class scheduling, professor recommendations, how to adjust to college life, there is something for everyone. All of these are in a 1:1 setting to provide incoming students with the tools they need. Sign up here and we will be in touch:

Webinar Program

Purdue STEM is tough and we know that. This weekly series will focus on tips for succeeding your first year in Purdue STEM. Hosted by current brothers, each week will focus on a different topic in order to give incoming students the tools they need to be successful when it comes to networking, first year engineering, and involvement. Sign up using this link and we will be in touch:

If you have questions, please reach out to:

Brennan Birn:

Kyle Morin: (224) 456-8474 or

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