Parent Information

This page is a web friendly version of our Parent Packet. This packet contains a wealth of information for anyone looking for more information about Triangle Fraternity. Dear Parents,  By your son’s decision to enroll in Purdue College of Engineering, Science or Technology, they have taken the first step in their professional career. Keep in mind, however, that a large part of a student’s education is outside of the classroom and is affected by their environment, peers and their decision on where to live on campus. Purdue boasts one of the largest and respected Greek systems in the country. Other schools’ Greek governing bodies look to Purdue as an example of how to keep their chapters safe, academically inclined, and how to provide leadership advice and opportunity. Triangle is a national fraternity of engineers, architects, and scientists. On most campuses Triangle is the only fraternity designed for these specific fields. Because we limit our membership to these professions, we offer the same benefits as every other fraternity, with added bonuses…as you will see below!

Why Join Triangle? 

Triangle Fraternity has been in existence since 1907 and the Purdue chapter has been proud to be a chapter of Triangle since 1909. This means the Purdue chapter has over 100 years of experience developing balanced men by providing an environment that fosters personal growth and academic and professional success.
Professional Exclusivity 
A requirement to be eligible to be a member of Triangle is that you are enrolled in either Purdue’s college of Engineering, Science or Technology. While this helps bring together a diverse Brotherhood with similar interests, it also provides a community of men with the ability to aid each other. By limiting majors, Brothers take many similar classes and therefore Brothers struggling in certain classes or topics can get assistance from each other as well as receive professional guidance from older members.  Many internships, full time jobs, and other opportunities come from alumni as well.
With over 100 years of being a chapter, a vast network of Engineers, Architects and Scientists exists that shares a lifelong and unforgettable bond. No matter what city or what state a Brother ends up living in, they are never alone. With 100+ years of existence, it’s surprising where you might meet another Brother. Everyone has heard the phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” With as many people that have walked through the doors of the Triangle house, there’s a wide array of companies that many alumni work for. What this means for your son is that Triangles hire Triangles. There exists an active network where alumni searching for employees look to Triangle. Members are encouraged to make their resumes available to alumni and if your son was hired by another Triangle, it wouldn’t be the first time! Another important fact is that men who become Brothers of Triangle continue to do amazing things.
Our chapter, like most Fraternities at Purdue, wants to be the best and therefore always strives for that goal. In order to do that, members hold each other accountable. If someone is sleeping instead of going to classes, another Brother will wake them up. If a Brother isn’t pulling his weight, his fellow members will ask why and help him. Throughout a person’s college career, everyone is bound to go through a rough spot which may result in poor grades, depression, lack of direction, family issues, personal issues, etc. Over its existence, Triangle has seen everything and therefore knows the proper plans to make it through those rough times. For example, if a Brother fails to meet grades, an academic plan exists in the house. He will meet with the Vice President and Scholarship chairs to find out what the problem is and put together a plan to solve it. He will be taught how to create schedules to budget his time, and will be required to do a combination of: attend all classes, go to office hours, work in groups, etc. as well as provide proof of improvement (I.E. Test grades, homework grades, lab grades). Triangle Brothers share a close bond and therefore we want our Brothers to be the best they can be.
Attending college is a big step in life and the hard truth is that not everyone is equally prepared. Every person given an invitation to join the chapter goes through the new member process. Throughout the process, important lessons are taught that many college students learn too late. New members are taught how to balance their time by older Brothers who have mastered the craft. They are required to perform community service and are given the opportunity to attend philanthropies that benefit important causes such as breast cancer. They are mentored by older members that have succeeded in school, held leadership positions and, most importantly, been in their situation. It’s important to note that after being a new member, Brothers gain guidance by members of the alumni board. These are alumni from Purdue Triangle that volunteer their time to give guidance and help steer the future of the house. The current alumni board consists of lawyers and engineers as well as Purdue professors.
Every member of Triangle has the opportunity to obtain a leadership position as a member of the Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Membership Director, Recruitment Director, Financial Director, Operations Director, Risk Manager and Social Director) as well as many chair positions. These positions are unique opportunities that most college students do not have, and provide a plethora of knowledge and skills that many members use in the future to become leaders in their profession. The fact is that companies look for more than grades in any candidate, and being able to share relevant leadership experience gives your son a clear advantage over any student who only has a degree.
Although we restrict our membership to specific majors, we do not restrict the beliefs, ethnicities and personalities of our Brothers. Although we all go to Purdue, we are from all around the world, have different religions and our own personalities. It’s important that members be true to themselves to achieve happiness and success rather than conform to certain stereotypes. We are a diverse group and learn from each other’s differences.
Going off to college is not only a big step for the child, but also for the parents. The chapter has a parents club that meets throughout the year in order to keep involved, but also to provide assistance to the fraternity. Any parent interested in being a member of parents club is openly accepted and highly encouraged. If you have the time, we’d love for you to be involved in our fraternity.
Financial Information 
New Member Process
While a new member, your son will be expected to pay a $300 new member fee. Once he has become a brother, there is also an activation fee of $300. Finally, there is a $10 deposit for an electronic door key.
Living in the Fraternity House
All Brothers are expected to live in the chapter house for the two years after they become a brother. The cost to live in the house for a year varies, and can depend on how you would like to pay (monthly, semester, yearly). The cost varies, however it is between $8,500-$9,500 for a year plus a one-time $500 damage deposit that will be returned, minus any expenses, when a Brother moves out.
In addition to this base fee, there is an optional $300 per year Social fee for all brothers. This fee must be paid to attend the majority of social events during the school year.
We have found that the Brotherhood is much stronger when the Brothers are around each other all the time. While living in the house may create some distractions, it also provides several academic benefits such as easy access to our library of notes from prior years’ classes, study rooms that are kept quiet, and, most importantly, other Brothers who have taken the same classes before.
What are fees used for?
The new member fee covers the national new member fee and covers the expense of new member materials and events throughout the new member process. It also pays for two meals per week at the house.  Many new members choose to eat one of their meals on Sunday night, when the dining courts are closed.
Living in the house provides each member with the following:
  • A room shared with one to two roommates
  • 11 chef-prepared meals a week
  • Breakfast cereals, bagels, pop-tarts, coffee, tea, etc. Monday-Friday.
  • Access to a storage room
  • All utilities, including internet access
  • The rest of the housing bill goes toward various chapter-controlled budgets such as philanthropy, brotherhood events, improvements to the house, etc.
  • The social fee pays for travel expenses, decorations, lighting, refreshments, and other expenses that come from setting up and hosting social events.
How does Triangle compare with other housing options? 
Triangle is competitively priced with the residence halls. Our cost is less than most of the dorms with a similar meal plan, and for brothers wishing to save even more money, the meal plan is optional.
Apartments on campus can usually be found for $400-$600 per month including utilities if a lease is signed at least 6 months early. Typically, students will spend $300-400 per month on food and drinks. This adds up to $7,400-$10,400 per year, based on 12 months of rent and 8 months of food.
Other fraternities vary wildly in price, with similar amenities. Most, however, have several large expenses that are not included in their room and board figure.
New Member Information 
Note on Hazing
Hazing has no place in modern day fraternity life.  Triangle is at the forefront of this push to completely eliminate hazing in all forms, recently completely revamping its process by pioneering a new model for the new member process called The Journey.  Through The Journey, new members learn about the house’s traditions, values, and members, but in a friendly and natural way.
Hazing in any form is completely absent from The Journey.  There is a defined start and end date, and there’s no stereotypical “pledge events” like Hell Week, lineups, or other hazing activities.  Throughout the process new members are shown how to be the best brother and person they can be, and how they can live out our values every day.  The process has been designed by professional who has designed other similar programs, and we truly believe that the process will allow your son to become the best version of themselves.
Why do we have a new member process?
There are four main purposes:
  • Teaching new members the values and purpose of the Fraternity
  • Creating bonding and brotherhood within the new member class
  • Creating brotherhood between the older brothers and the new members
  • To serve as a trial period to ensure that the new member fits the Fraternity
Expected time commitment
The new member process requires time management skills, but is designed such that any dedicated member can easily fulfill their commitments. A new member should expect a commitment of 3 hours per week gradually increasing to no more than 8 hours per week.
Will the new member process divert my attention from my son’s academics?
No! Academic success is not only a focus; it is a major part of our new process. Per the Purdue Interfraternity Council and Triangle HQ, men are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.7 to join our chapter. We expect more.
The success of our new members in everything they do is our number one priority. If our new member process diverts their attention from family or academics, degrades their trust in our active members, or causes them unnecessary hardship in any way, we have failed. Additionally, all academic resources available to our brothers are also available to our new members including the academic server, test / notes library, study tables, tutors, and subject matter experts designated by our Vice President and Scholarship Chairs.
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