Conference Room Remodel

Special thanks to Gregory Haegele, Eric Ejiofor, and Kyle George, as well as Jesse Young and Brendan Cain for their efforts in a small remodel of the conference room!  They primed and painted the walls, installed new electrical sockets, reattached the baseboard surrounding the room, and installed a TV mount next to the conference table.  Next, they intend to submit an application to the Triangle Education Foundation for a grant to finance a conference TV for the room, to facilitate group projects and other educational uses.


Fall 2016 House Improvement Project Results

On Saturday, August 20, the alumni and actives of Triangle Fraternity successfully completed the fifth biannual “House Improvement Day”, making significant improvements to the house to get ready for an exciting new academic year!  Many projects were completed, and the actives and alumni enjoyed a tasty lunch of pulled pork sandwiches midway through the day.  Notable improvements include:

  • A new flagpole installed near the existing one to fly the fraternity flag
  • Landscaping the entire grounds, planting flowers, and cleaning the porch
  • Cleaning the foyer floor and walls with a dry ice blaster
  • Replacing the first floor ceiling tiles and spray painting the metal grid

Be sure to look through all the pictures from the House Improvement Day, and be on the lookout for future related announcements!

Upcoming House Improvement Project

On Saturday, August 20th starting at 9 AM, the actives and alumni will hold the 5th semiannual House Improvement Day.  Some tasks that they hope to accomplish include installing telescoping flag pole, landscaping the grounds, and repainting the metal grid in the ceiling of the first floor.  Additionally, the brothers have rented a dry ice blaster to deep clean the foyer floor and walls, check out the link below for a demonstration!  Lunch will be provided (A smoker will be running for the whole night before) and all alumni are welcome to come to catch up with old friends, tour the house, and maybe lend a set of hands.  Pictures will follow!


Congratulations To Our Newly Elected BOD

On 4/10/16 we held our elections for BOD members, across the board the races were tight and well fought by all who ran. The positions that elections took place for were Philanthropy Director, Operations Director, Risk Manager, and Internal Social and External Social Directors. Please join us in congratulating our new BOD members: Scott Hanberg (not pictured) is our new Philanthropy Director. Kyle George (not pictured) is our new Operations Director. Jamie Schultz is our new Risk Manager. Our External Social Director is Nick Zenobi, and our Internal Social Director is Brandon Smith. Let’s wish these fine gentlemen luck in their new positions.

Risk Manager: Jamie Schultz


External Social: Nick Zenobi


Internal Social: Brandon Smith



Spring 2016 Active/Alumni Worksession

On January 23, the fourth bi-annual Purdue Triangle work session took place, bringing Actives and Alumni together to put some much needed work into the house. This session tended to focus on indoor projects. Some of the more major projects included work on the first floor women’s bathroom which is currently being remodeled. The demolition had already been done, so a team of brothers and alumni lead by Pat McCarthy began work on refurnishing and tiling the room. On that particular day and over the next few weekends major progress has been made. The mail room counter top was replaced with a brand new surface, and additional composites were hung around the house. Other projects included, replacing ceiling tiles, painting the laundry room, and cleaning grit out of the stairs. This work session was a huge success making a real improvement to the house. Here are some pictures of the event.