Congratulations To Our Newly Elected BOD

On 4/10/16 we held our elections for BOD members, across the board the races were tight and well fought by all who ran. The positions that elections took place for were Philanthropy Director, Operations Director, Risk Manager, and Internal Social and External Social Directors. Please join us in congratulating our new BOD members: Scott Hanberg (not pictured) is our new Philanthropy Director. Kyle George (not pictured) is our new Operations Director. Jamie Schultz is our new Risk Manager. Our External Social Director is Nick Zenobi, and our Internal Social Director is Brandon Smith. Let’s wish these fine gentlemen luck in their new positions.

Risk Manager: Jamie Schultz


External Social: Nick Zenobi


Internal Social: Brandon Smith



Spring 2016 Active/Alumni Worksession

On January 23, the fourth bi-annual Purdue Triangle work session took place, bringing Actives and Alumni together to put some much needed work into the house. This session tended to focus on indoor projects. Some of the more major projects included work on the first floor women’s bathroom which is currently being remodeled. The demolition had already been done, so a team of brothers and alumni lead by Pat McCarthy began work on refurnishing and tiling the room. On that particular day and over the next few weekends major progress has been made. The mail room counter top was replaced with a brand new surface, and additional composites were hung around the house. Other projects included, replacing ceiling tiles, painting the laundry room, and cleaning grit out of the stairs. This work session was a huge success making a real improvement to the house. Here are some pictures of the event.











Newly Elected Board of Directors

The Beta Chapter of Triangle Fraternity has elected 11 brothers to our newest Board of Directors! Our newly elected president is Eric Ejiofor, vice president is James Roach, executive secretary is Tyler Preston, membership director is Derek Cameron, recruitment director is Brandon Smith, philanthropy director is Mark Rodriguez, financial director is Justin Legare, operations director is Gregory Haegele, risk manager is Elisha Rothenbush, internal social director is Nick Zenobi, and external social director is Darien Freedman. We look forward to see what these exemplary brothers may bring to our chapter!





Triangle Carnival 2015!

For our fall philanthropy, we hosted the first ever Triangle Carnival on September 13. The event, which took place on our front porch and lawn, consisted of carnival games and a raffle. The most popular attraction of the day ended up being the dunk tank. We held the event to benefit the Purdue chapter of College Mentors For Kids and ended up raising $448 for their organization! We’re very excited to have started this event strong and are looking forward to next year and really establishing it as an annual fall philanthropy for our chapter.

TriangleCarnival2015 (1 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (2 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (3 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (4 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (5 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (6 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (7 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (8 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (9 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (10 of 18)

TriangleCarnival2015 (11 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (12 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (13 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (14 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (15 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (16 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (17 of 18) TriangleCarnival2015 (18 of 18)

Fall 2015 Active/Alumni Worksession

On August 22nd, 2015, alumni and actives worked together to improve our house and have a great time for our third edition of our bi-annual Active/Alumni Worksession. We had a great turnout this fall with many Purdue Triangle alumni being present, along with alumni from other chapters and a few members of Triangle Nationals coming together.

Once again being led by Purdue Triangle alumnus Pat McCarthy, this semesters worksession concentrated on the outside of the house while stilling having a couple of indoor projects. Alumni Tony Seyfried directed the landscaping project, which included removing weeds, edging landscape beds and spreading mulch. Alumnus Zarrell Gray directed the erection of a new flag pole, with the help of actives and his son. Gary Bodnar helped with the restoration of our foyer floor tiling. Alumni Pat Turley and James Marshall directed the repairs to our dumpster privacy wall which included the addition of new wood siding and staining of the wood. Marshall also delivered the mulch that we used. Alumni  Brian Jarman, Jeff Quinlan, and Drew Zeronick replaced the top blinds in our formal living room’s windows with a shade that looks more pleasant and shades from the light better. Alumnus Pat McCarthy and Active Gary Brill took the lead on smoking 75 pounds of pork that we ate for lunch during the work session and it was delicious!

Alumnus John Storm also made an appearance to meet the actives that are interested in revitalizing our Grand Prix racing program. With alumni support and active perseverance we hope to be standing on the podium at the end of the race within a few years.

We’d also like to thank the following alumni for helping out:

Jake Johnson
Ted Kissel
Kevin Bayless
Randall Hubbell
Dave Sexauer
Dr. Mark Bowman
Rick Rezik
Jeff Cottrell
Brandon Montalvo
Jeff Ott

And members of Nationals Mike Fouts and Aaron Girson for helping out!

Here are a few pictures from the worksession!

Fall2015Worksession (6 of 56) Fall2015Worksession (7 of 56) Fall2015Worksession (8 of 56) Fall2015Worksession (33 of 56)

And here is a link to where you can find all of the pictures taken at the worksession:Full Fall 2015 Worksession Photo Album

Thank you all for coming and making sure it was a success! Please check back here for more Purdue Triangle updates!

If you have any ideas for future work sessions, please contact our Executive Secretary at

Gold Transit Scholarship 2015

Triangle Fraternity would like to invite all incoming freshman to apply for our Gold Transit Scholarship worth $1,000 which
can be applied to your tuition expenses at Purdue University. The deadline to apply is Monday, September 7th by 5pm, and interviews for finalist with be conducted Saturday and Sunday, September 12 and 13.

The criteria for the scholarship are as follows: incoming
freshmen male planning to major in Engineering, Science, or Technology, with a well-rounded pre-collegiate experience, high moral character, strong academic achievements and professional aspirations, and committed to excellence. To apply, please follow the link below:

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to
contact our Vice President by phone at (202) 384-0861 or Thomas Cirillo, our
recruitment director, at (646) 761-1863. Or feel free to send any questions to

Another year comes to a close!

Today, nine Triangle men moved on to become alumni of Triangle Fraternity, and next week will become alumni of Purdue University. We are incredibly proud of all of the them and wish them luck on the next leg of the journey we call life. After the graduation ceremony, led by members of our Alumni Board, the graduating seniors were treated to lunch at Bruno’s Pizza by our chapter president Ross Miskovich pur11 and the Alumni Board.


Bottom row, left to right: Sam Sanders (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Kangwon Lee (Landscape Architecture), Graham Ashby (Industrial Engineering), Nick Coungeris (Biology), Michael Kobierski (Industrial Engineering)
Top row, left to right: Joe Klemen (Computer Science), Gary Brill (Electrical Engineering Technology), Dave Sexauer (Mechanical Engineering), Jake Johnson (Aeronautical Engineering)