Merry Christmas!

The brothers of Purdue Triangle wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a merry Christmas, and hope that the time is spent reuniting with loved ones, reliving old memories, and creating new ones.  In honor of the season, here is a picture of active Davis Clutter having successfully created a makeshift tree stand.


Board of Directors Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Directors!  With this second round of election, all leadership positions in house are now filled.  The results of the elections are listed below.

Membership Director - Nick Noonan
Membership Director – Nick Noonan
Operations Director - Aaron Campbell
Operations Director – Aaron Campbell
Risk Management Director - Jesse Young
Risk Management Director – Jesse Young
Academic Director - Kyle Duckering
Academic Director – Kyle Duckering
Communications Director - Wyatt Dahlenburg
Communications Director – Wyatt Dahlenburg
Financial Director - Kyle George
Financial Director – Kyle George
Philanthropy Director - Anthony Adams
Philanthropy Director – Anthony Adams
Social Director - Andres Alvarez
Social Director – Andres Alvarez

Executive Board Elections

Congratulations to Derek Cameron, the new president of Triangle Fraternity.  Also, congratulations to Gregory Haegele, the Vice President of Membership, Justin Legare, the Vice President of Internal, and Nick Zenobi, the Vice President of External.  These men will lead the house for the next year, and as senior brothers in the house, will represent the best of us.  We commend these brothers for their election, and have high hopes going into the Board of Directors elections next week.

     President - Derek Cameron
President – Derek Cameron
VP of Membership - Gregory Haegele
VP of Membership – Gregory Haegele
VP of Internal - Justin Legare
VP of Internal – Justin Legare
VP of External - Nick Zenobi
VP of External – Nick Zenobi