Brand New Rack Tag Board

At Triangle, we have a system to wake brothers up who have early classes.  This promotes class attendance and is a great way to ensure you are awake when you want to be.  To track when brother wants to be woken up, we set a “rack tag”, which used to be put onto an old board with some nails in it.  Now, thanks to Aaron Campbell, we have a brand new rack board, complete with hooks and tags instead of nails, clear text, and some great decorations.  Thanks Aaron!


Spring 2017 House Improvement Day

On Saturday, January 11, the alumni and actives of Triangle Fraternity successfully completed the sixth biannual “House Improvement Day”, working on several important projects in and around the house.  The brothers worked to repaint and repair the kitchen cabinetry, replace the ceiling tiles in the second floor and paint the grids, touch up the trim around the doors, and a major project was undertaken to completely redo the recreation room, complementing the recently refinished floors with paint job on the new modern, exposed ceiling and the walls.

Feel free to look through the attached pictures from the day!  The recreation room project is ongoing, so look back later on for completed pictures of the space.  Boiler up!

Fall 2016 New Member Class

The actives of Purdue Triangle are proud to present the newest class of brothers at Purdue Triangle.  Already, they have shown their dedication to their fellow brothers, their house, and their community.  We are so proud of their work ethic and cannot wait to see what they will do now that they are our brothers.

Upcoming House Improvement Day

The sixth annual House Improvement Day is scheduled for January 21st, starting at 8AM.  This semiannual event not only is a time to improve the house, but also a time to relive old memories, meet old and new friends, and check out the progress that’s been made in the house.

This semester the actives, with direction and guidance from the alumni, will take part in a number of interesting projects, most notably:

-Painting the ceiling of the Recreation Room, part of a larger effort to modernize and clean up the space

-Renovate the kitchen cabinets, walls, and grates

-Refresh the trim and finishes throughout the house

As well as many other smaller tasks.  All alumni are welcome to come to this event: The actives will be doing all the heavy lifting, so feel free to come even if you’d just like to catch up or check out the house.  We hope to see you there!