Spring 2016 Active/Alumni Worksession

On January 23, the fourth bi-annual Purdue Triangle work session took place, bringing Actives and Alumni together to put some much needed work into the house. This session tended to focus on indoor projects. Some of the more major projects included work on the first floor women’s bathroom which is currently being remodeled. The demolition had already been done, so a team of brothers and alumni lead by Pat McCarthy began work on refurnishing and tiling the room. On that particular day and over the next few weekends major progress has been made. The mail room counter top was replaced with a brand new surface, and additional composites were hung around the house. Other projects included, replacing ceiling tiles, painting the laundry room, and cleaning grit out of the stairs. This work session was a huge success making a real improvement to the house. Here are some pictures of the event.











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