Fall 2015 Active/Alumni Worksession

On August 22nd, 2015, alumni and actives worked together to improve our house and have a great time for our third edition of our bi-annual Active/Alumni Worksession. We had a great turnout this fall with many Purdue Triangle alumni being present, along with alumni from other chapters and a few members of Triangle Nationals coming together.

Once again being led by Purdue Triangle alumnus Pat McCarthy, this semesters worksession concentrated on the outside of the house while stilling having a couple of indoor projects. Alumni Tony Seyfried directed the landscaping project, which included removing weeds, edging landscape beds and spreading mulch. Alumnus Zarrell Gray directed the erection of a new flag pole, with the help of actives and his son. Gary Bodnar helped with the restoration of our foyer floor tiling. Alumni Pat Turley and James Marshall directed the repairs to our dumpster privacy wall which included the addition of new wood siding and staining of the wood. Marshall also delivered the mulch that we used. Alumni  Brian Jarman, Jeff Quinlan, and Drew Zeronick replaced the top blinds in our formal living room’s windows with a shade that looks more pleasant and shades from the light better. Alumnus Pat McCarthy and Active Gary Brill took the lead on smoking 75 pounds of pork that we ate for lunch during the work session and it was delicious!

Alumnus John Storm also made an appearance to meet the actives that are interested in revitalizing our Grand Prix racing program. With alumni support and active perseverance we hope to be standing on the podium at the end of the race within a few years.

We’d also like to thank the following alumni for helping out:

Jake Johnson
Ted Kissel
Kevin Bayless
Randall Hubbell
Dave Sexauer
Dr. Mark Bowman
Rick Rezik
Jeff Cottrell
Brandon Montalvo
Jeff Ott

And members of Nationals Mike Fouts and Aaron Girson for helping out!

Here are a few pictures from the worksession!

Fall2015Worksession (6 of 56) Fall2015Worksession (7 of 56) Fall2015Worksession (8 of 56) Fall2015Worksession (33 of 56)

And here is a link to where you can find all of the pictures taken at the worksession:Full Fall 2015 Worksession Photo Album

Thank you all for coming and making sure it was a success! Please check back here for more Purdue Triangle updates!

If you have any ideas for future work sessions, please contact our Executive Secretary at secretary@purduetriangle.org

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